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     Together the Team strives to engage recently returning or discharged Warriors with reintegration back into the community. The strong case management plan-  is designed to provide structure in a real world setting, to include connecting them with services and resources within the community and providing a day to day healthy living plan for future continued success. Utilizing the Farm and the Veteran Ventures to actively engage the Warriors, the Team  will enhance skill building thru hands on involvement in day to day workings of the sustainable farm, garlic production/marketing sales, as well as the other divisions – leatherworking, sawmill, equipment maintenance, property management, animal husbandry, and conservation practices.


     At SAMSONS STRENGTH, WE BELIEVE ITS ABOUT FEELING ALIVE - when your drinking coffee, when you are talking to your wife, your family, when you are walking your dog, when you are in the woods/nature, fishing, riding a bike, working at your job- HAVING A PURPOSE, A MISSION


     When you stay "stuck" in the identity of something/someone - stuck as a FULL TIME WARRIOR- the way the military trained you to be- you lose the opportunity to "live" other parts or aspects of your FULL self


     At Samson’s Strength our Team provides a supportive environment for each individual to explore potential aspects/parts of themselves and provide the opportunity to develop these aspects/parts for an increased quality of life/future!


     We recognize it takes a lot of WISDOM AND COURAGE to stay in the present moment- and it takes time to get back to "center"/balanced


     Our comprehensive case management plan acknowledges the warrior within while at the same time supporting each individual with identifying their unique talents and assets to provide them the opportunity to reintegrate and thrive in civilian society




I am an American Warrior and Citizen.

I am a member of a team, I belong to a legacy of Warriors who have come before me.

I have bravely served the people of the United States, and have lived the Warrior Values.

I will always place the mission first, my present mission is to THRIVE as a Warrior and a Citizen.

I will rise above defeat- I will work with my team to find solutions to EVERY barrier.

I will face all challenges with a Warriors courage and strength.

I will always support a struggling comrade.

I am disciplined, physically and mentally tough, trained and proficient in tasks and drills and day to day living skills.

I always maintain myself first- mind, body and spirit.

I am an expert and I am a professional- striving to be the BEST at all I do.

I stand ready to deploy, engage, and support my fellow Warriors and my team in being a successful Citizen.

I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.

I am an American Warrior and Citizen.


     We recognize Veterans and their families need effective timely treatment, hope to reclaim their lives, and an approach that enhances their ability rather than enhance their disability.


     One of our goals is to pave the way to accessing a support network in which they can coordinate their own care plan- personalized to each individual's needs/wants/desires.


     We recognize the military created a Warrior-  the Warrior you needed to be. The Team at SAMSON’S Strength strives to provide them the resources to rebuild their own life.


     Our program is designed to be strength and ability based- the military often just places individuals into a needed MOS without consideration for their assets/abilities – there is a need and a mission to fulfill.


     The team at SAMSON’S STRENGTH believe in each individuals assets/abilities.  Our mission is to support you with regaining control of your life with a long term goal of ongoing improvement in your quality of life!!


     You regaining an improved quality of life is important to everyone on our team!!! We believe strongly this will enhance your resiliency, build confidence, hope, and a sense of personal control


Target Population:  Single military and Veterans recently (post 9/11) transitioning out of the military- either recently returning from deployment, separating from the military due to medical issues, end of service contract- requiring support with housing and employment/training, support reintegrating into the civilian workforce. Clay County is our primary concern followed by Alabama Veterans, then the US as a whole. Other era Veterans on a case-to-case basis, with the post 9/11 vets being the priority population. Referrals received through Housing and Urban Development, Veterans Administration Supportive Housing (HUDVASH).


     Utilize local and community housing supports as well as HUDVASH funds to provide "rent" for already service connected Veteran housing on site at farm- would be considered "transitional" housing- first step to transitioning Veterans to their own permanent housing. Military/Veterans not presently service connected will require sponsorship for housing costs.  While in transitional housing individuals will be getting connected to:


     ·         Veterans Administration Medical Center, (VAMC) for physical and mental health support- connect with Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation New Dawn, (OIF/OEF/OND) Case Managers, HUDVASH

     ·         VBA for service connection- START the process Individual Disability Evaluation System, (IDES) process- support with accessing available resources Wounded Warrior contacts

     ·         Social Security Disability Insurance, (SSDI)- support with application process, research resources available for Veteran

     ·         Job training/employment - utilize VA employment specialists, Department of Labor, (DOL) Veteran employment support, VA Vocational Rehabilitation Program, (VOCREHAB), GI Bill/Post 911 education benefits- tech schools, colleges/universities, entrepreneurship opportunities, Heroes to Hire Job Fairs

     ·         Connect with local employers interested in hiring military/Veterans- support with job readiness skills

     ·         Connect with financial advisors to support with financial planning

 Reintegration Plan

     ·         Cohort groups- 6 per group- “groups” will be a part of a larger group as population grows.  Each “community” will have 4 cohort groups for a total of 24 per “community”.

     ·         Each “community” will have “elected” officials (corporate structure) - President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary (notes and minutes), Transportation Officer (driver for appointments), Advocate- Community Officials will be the representative for their designated community when discussing policies/procedures/issues with SSSVP Team. 

     ·         Each community will create a unique unit “patch/insignia” to be made locally by SSFVV/SSSVP Leatherworks.

     ·         Community members will sit on active committees supporting the mission of Samson’s Strength

               Cycle vets through on established committees - Board Members "sit" on committees

               Volunteer/community service committee

               Real Estate Committee

              Grants and fundraising committee

              Conservation Committee- water, electric - solar/wind, lumber

              Farm Committee

              Lumber/mill committee

              Product/sales/marketing Committees- Leather, garlic and more


Week 1- Day 1- Cohort members will have dinner with the SSSVP Team - review menu for week, support with process of menu planning, write shopping list, designate members for cooking plan- develop a schedule.


Following weeks:  Sunday evening- meet with “cohort” (group) continue planning process for meals for week ahead.  Together plan, shop for meals, rotate through cohort for meal prep, cooking, cleaning.


First 30 days- Example of schedule/plan

·         Establish healthy habits and routines- VERY STRUCTURED

Schedule: Mon – Fri:

     Morning- Breakfast with Cohort, work on farm to include all aspects of the SSFVV – leatherworking, sawmill, farming, retail sales of all SSFVV products

     Afternoon- Lunch with Cohort, transportation to appts- MED, Mental Health, Benefits, Employment etc.

    Evening- Supper with Community (rotate 1 member from each group to support with meal prep etc. with a facilitator from the 60-120-day community), Group- Facilitated by Case manager- Discuss goals, check in, status updates, dog training classes for Veterans with service dogs, I-REST© session.

     WEEKLY: INDIVIDUAL meeting with case manager to review present status- assesses needs, referrals as needed.


Schedule Sat/Sun:              


Morning- Breakfast with Cohort, work on farm, laundry, house cleaning

Afternoon- Lunch with Cohort

     ·         Recreation- Equine therapy, fishing- nearby lake, hunting, hiking- Talladega Mountains

     ·         Community service- DJ/KJ once a month- Music in the park, local shelter,  local humane society, anything Veteran related (Team Rubicon), (Local Elderly-cleaning gutters, etc.)

     ·         DJ/KJ gigs – possible performances based off of marketing done during community service activities. (Weddings, Parties etc.)

Evening- Supper with SSFVV Team

     ·         Saturday- Celebrate weeks accomplishments, create Cert of Appreciation

     ·         Sunday-    Plan for week ahead – begin with the end in mind (7 Habits), weekly report from community officials – how can SSFVV Team support you?


FIRST 30 DAYS:  Facilitate obtaining medical and other important military documentation – Line Of Duty documentation, Buddy letters, ensure awards are up to date, exposure letters- Burn pit registry, connect w VAMC, VBA, VOC REHAB Employment - what are they eligible for w mil? Dual status tech/Excepted Service?

     Work with Veteran’s family, support system to educate regarding reintegration.  Support family, support system with connecting to local resources to have in place when Veteran returns home or nearby. For Veterans lacking a support system, provide local resources to begin the reintegration process with social supports. (VFW, Vet Center, etc.)


60-180 days - Reinforce healthy habits and routines LESS structured- if Veteran working, transition off of farm work schedule except supportive work on weekends or days off – to continue to establish healthy daily living routines.

     Support with ongoing process of establishing with VA and filing with VBA, employment and housing search


Follow up support:

     When a Veteran transitions from supportive housing on the farm to their own housing- nationwide- case management through in person or via the web- Skype- weekly, monthly to finally every 6 month check ins.  Available as needed for referral support.  Yearly "farm retreats" - scheduled "reunion/retreat" to come back and recharge, share present status- inspire/encourage new Veterans!  Mentor Veterans starting out- keep previous Veterans engaged in the process of “going forward” and reintegration!

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